Real Ear Measurement

What Is Real Ear Measurement?

A Real Ear test or Real Ear measurement is a diagnostic tool designed to accurately measure the volume a hearing aid produces. During a Real Ear test:

  • A thin tube containing a tiny microphone is inserted into the ear canal.
  • The hearing aid is placed into position.
  • Diagnostic sounds are played, and the volume output from the hearing aid is measured. These diagnostic sounds will range from very quiet to very loud.
  • We will then ensure the output from the hearing aid is properly calibrated.

A Real Ear test is essential to the proper functioning of the hearing aid. Because modern hearing aids are highly customizable, this diagnostic ensures each setting is optimized for the experience of the individual wearer. A Real Ear test will tell us whether the amplification levels are in the right volume and frequency range for your hearing loss.

A Real Ear measurement takes much of the subjectivity out of a hearing aid fitting, which can be especially useful if you are being fitted for your first hearing aid.

A Real Ear measurement test being performed by an audiologist.