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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Some counselors are trained in a type of therapy called CBT. CBT was originally developed for the treatment of depression and anxiety, but years of research has shown it to be effective in the treatment of tinnitus-related distress. CBT is based on treating a patient’s emotional reaction to tinnitus, rather than the tinnitus itself. The professional helps the patient to identify the negative behaviors and thought patterns they have about his/her tinnitus. Once identified, the professional teaches the patient skills that are designed to reduce the attention placed on his/her tinnitus and improve his/her coping by devising alternative thinking and behavior patterns that help with distraction. Treatment often includes behavior interventions such as learning relaxation techniques, instructions on sleep hygiene, and auditory enrichment (sound therapy). Many of the treatment approaches or protocols available for treating tinnitus feature counseling that is based on the principles of CBT.

Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services has relationships with several local counselors who provide this type of treatment and who have worked with tinnitus patients in the past. Please contact us for further information.