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“There is one word for these new hearing aids — miraculous.”

“I always believed I was hearing enough to get by. Now I realize what I have been missing my entire life. I think I’m grieving my hearing loss a little bit. I actually got angry the other day and thought, “Other people have had quite the advantage over me for my entire life!” It wasn’t the reaction I expected. I can hear EVERYTHING. I have only said, “What?” one or two times since I’ve started wearing these — and in both cases, I did hear correctly, I just didn’t think I had. I’d say the biggest impact these hearing aids have had is with my children. I can hear their little voices. I don’t have to lean down and ask my daughter to talk into my ear. Oh, and I can have conversations with neighbors and the grocery checker, etc. I’ve realized people are odd. LOL. I’m LISTENING now, not filling in blanks. And you’re right: It’s made my life easier. I can’t WAIT to put my hearing aids in in the morning, which is the total opposite of how I used to feel.”

Rachel D.

“What a great feeling!”

“I’m a former High School Band Director (32 years) and thanks to Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services, I can truthfully say that I really enjoy life, people & TV!”

Harold A.

“I really, really appreciate this group of pros!”

“I’ve had hearing aids since I was 3 years old due to a childhood illness. This is the first practice I’ve been to where the audiologists are professional, caring and non-judging. My experience with other vendors has been condescending & I really, really appreciate this group of pros!”

Heather M.

“I am delighted with my new Agil Pro Oticon hearing aids. ”

“What a difference it has made in the quality of my life! The comfort, fit, natural sound and ease in volume adjustments are superb.

The entire staff of Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services are true professionals, in every sense of the word. I found Dr. Michele Hillard, my audiologist, to be so very kind, supportive and technically skilled. It was a pleasure to learn from her competence.

I highly recommend Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services.”

Carol L.

“The best thing about my new hearing aids is that I can hear my own speech.”

“Without hearing aids, I can’t tell if I’m completing words that end in soft consonants. When I’m speaking now, while wearing the hearing aids that you programmed for me, I can hear the “ing” sound of words like “riding” and “talking.” The result is that I have more confidence when I’m talking with people and that is a wonderful feeling.

The other “best thing” about my new hearing aids is that I can hear more of what others are saying. I don’t have to work so hard to imagine what I think they are saying.

As you can tell, I am very pleased with the hearing aids that you have sold me”

Richard W.

“Wonderful service.”

“Thoughtful consideration for the patient’s personal needs. Highly recommended.”

Don M.

“I must compliment the staff of Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services by simply saying “you’re the best”!”

“Warm, friendly and competent, from the minute you enter the shop, conveniently located on Front Street next to the Library, there is no doubt that you are in good hands. Lesa is friendly, efficient and engaging as the first contact when one enters. Chris Borders exhibited total confidence and understanding in defining the best solution to my hearing needs. As a professional engineer I was impressed with her ability to deliver not only the data I have come to expect in my career but the also the personal side of the problems of diminished hearing. She was recommended to me by a competing audiologist which I believe says much about her well deserved reputation as an outstanding guide on the path to hearing solutions that work for the individual. Thanks Chris!”

Scott G.

“Your caring attitude was very comforting my first visit and continues to be.”

“I know I can call and my questions well be answered by a Real Live Person who knows the answer or will call back with it”

Betty J..

“I am very glad I found them”

“I have worn hearing aids for 16 years and have been a patient of several local audiology companies. Eastside audiology is by far the “Best of the Best”.

Michelle Hillard is my audiologist and she has always worked in my best interest. I have always been treated with great care and respect.

Eastside’s policy to try hearing aids before you buy is very helpful. Michelle knew from my hearing tests which brands would work best and after I wore them I was able to choose the aids that worked for my lifestyle.

Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services is a very stable company with 3 highly qualified audiologists.”

Sally S.

“If you could change one thing (or more) about our practice, what would it be? Nothing, Very Seldom do you receive care of this quality.”

James G.

“I am so very pleased with my new hearing aids.”

“I find them of great help in the dining room. When the volume of conversations build, I can turn down the background sound and hear conversations at our table better.

In addition, I found another use for that feature the other night. In the past, I have had a problem hearing over the noisy heating/air-conditioning unit in my apartment if it cycles on while I am on the phone, to the extent that I have had to get up, cross the room and turn down the thermostat before continuing with the conversation. Now, I found that I can just turn down the volume on my hearing aid so that the noise in the room is greatly reduced, and I can continue with the conversation – what a relief!

Needless to say, that makes my quick fix for noise even quicker. Thank you so much for your help over the years!!! Never before have I actually enjoyed wearing hearing aids!”

Edith H.

“I recommend Chris highly.”

“She really does take any amount of time it takes to make sure her clients get the best possible results”

Carolyn T.

“I am amazed every day by how much sound I’ve been missing.”

“My wife had been bugging me for weeks to get my hearing checked. Your professional analysis proved what she had suspected – I had a hearing loss.

Later that night I went to and took Oticon’s background noise, hearing test. I failed. I asked my wife to also take the test and she passed with a 50% better score! Between your competent service and Oticon’s self-test I was sold on Delta hearing aids. All that remained was choosing from the wide variety of available colors.

I’ve been using my Deltas for a week and I am amazed every day by how much sound I’ve been missing. It is much easier to understand what people are saying and my wife is happy that we can now watch TV at half the volume. And when I ask people if they notice anything new about me it takes them several minutes of close observation before they see my hearing aids.”

Joe P.

“I would recommend Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services to anyone with hearing loss.”

“Soon after Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services moved to Issaquah, I decided to try to improve my diminished hearing capability (my wife insisted that I go to a licensed audiologist). I found it very difficult to hear female and children’s voices and background noise was a real problem. After finding out what my problems and concerns were, Chris Borders gave me an extensive hearing exam. One of my concerns regarded how hearing aids would impact my singing. Chris programmed the aids to improve my hearing according to the test results and then adjusted the aids so that I was comfortable listening to my singing and hearing female voices. I recently had my six-month checkup and I am very pleased with the performance and comfort of my hearing aids.”

Glenn H.

“I was referred to Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services 5 years ago.”

“ While the drive from my home in Seattle is certainly not convenient, I would not even consider a move to an office closer to home. The hearing aids I could purchase anywhere, but replicating the personal service and caring attitude of the entire staff wold be impossible.”

Diane A, MD

“I can’t remember the last time I have had so great of an experience with an office or even a company. I do really appreciate the fact that the hearing aids can be tested before purchase. That is quite a plus.”

Deborah P.

“It is a pleasure to work with Chris and her staff!”

“For the first time in my life, I actually wanted hearing aids (after needing them for a LONG time), and Chris has made it possible. The service and support are great… and it is always a fun appointment.”

Tim H.

“You can’t believe how much you have enhanced my life.”

“My new hearing aid is great. I can carry on a sensible conversation with those that I meet in an ordinary way. Clerks, wait people & friends. My FM system lets me hear what the pastor is saying on Sundays, what a friend in the car, or across a table is saying. My new phone (CapTel) has very clear & loud volume & not only that it prints what someone is saying!!! This is just a short version of the differences you have made for me & always greeting me with a smile & helpful way. I’m off for a month long trip & you all have made it so I can hear so much better that the trip will be more fun. God Bless you all”

Marilyn B.

“Michele possesses a rare knack for blending high-level clinical and technical audiology skills with an inherent warmth and empathy for her patients.”

Art D.

“It is my great privilege and pleasure to recommend Chris Borders and Eastside Audiology & Hearing Services to you.”

“From the day I walked in and asked about hearing aids, Chris has proven to be an excellent guide to a totally new world. From explaining what the results of my hearing test showed, to fitting the hearing aid, to the fine tuning and maintenance of it she anticipated every question and made the process so easy. The hearing aid has made a tremendous difference in my ability communicate. Probably the biggest surprise has been how much more relaxed I find myself in conversations when I’m not fighting to understand what others are saying. I wish all things in life could be as easy and achieve such positive results.”

Terry D.

“I want to thank you for your help in helping me choose the perfect set of hearing aids.”

“As you are aware, it took me over a year to decide to get a set of hearing aids to improve my hearing as well as my quality of life. I was so pleasantly surprised how comfortable the OTICON fit from day one. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You and your staff are super. Thanks again.”

Joseph M.

“Big Thank You!”

Best results I have had ever. I can understand the TV without a headset.”

Erhardt W.

“Go do it – you’ll really appreciate it.”

“I have been working with Chris Borders and her team for over 10 years. It took me a few years to be convinced to see someone about my hearing loss, but once I did, Chris and her team were able to outfit me with some great hearing aids. They were compassionate, understood that a 30 year old wanted to “look” OK. Chris, Peggy, Michelle and the team are really great people, and knowledgeable about this field. When I visit the office in Issaquah, I feel as though I am being treated as a person rather than an outsider at an appointment at a doctor. This is key as you really want a person to understand you so you can get the best consultation tailored to your specific needs. If you’re wondering about hearing loss, and hearing aids, relax – they are much smaller than in past, and they work great (not like grandma’s).”

Dan T.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

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