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Signs of Hearing Loss in an Older Child

Older children often exhibit signs of hearing loss that go undetected.  Below are some signs to look for in your older child.

  • Your child seems to hear well some of the time and then not respond at other times.
  • It seems as though your child is just not paying attention.
  • Your child wants the television volume louder than other family members.
  • Your child asks “what” or says “huh” more often.
  • Your child moves one ear forward when listening, or he complains that he can only hear out of his “good ear”.
  • Your child’s grades fall, or his teacher notes that he doesn’t seem to hear or respond in the classroom.
  • Your child says that he didn’t hear you.  Many parents assume their children are not paying attention when in fact there may be an unidentified hearing loss.
  • Your child starts to speak more loudly than previously.
  • Your child looks at you intently when you speak to him.  He may be depending on visual cues.
  • You just have a feeling that something is off.  Sometimes you just can’t put your finger on what your concern is.

There are many types of hearing loss that occur after birth.  If you believe your child is experiencing a hearing loss, consult with your physician or a Doctor of Audiology at the earliest possible date.  Timely testing, diagnosis and treatment provide the best course of action to ensure the highest quality lifetime sound experience for your child.