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Very Quiet Lifestyle

Very Quiet Lifestyle

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You enjoy the simple pleasures in life and want hearing technology that is comfortable, reliable, and helps you hear your best with no fuss.

A person with a Very Quiet Lifestyle needs reliable technology that is designed specifically for quiet, easier listening environments. They spend a lot of time at home with a spouse or caregiver and are exposed to limited background noise in a less demanding environment.

Activities common to those with a Very Quiet Lifestyle:

  • Activities in and around the home
  • Occasional television watching
  • One on one conversation
  • Talking with care givers
  • Small religious services

By helping you communicate more clearly with your family and loved ones, you’ll enjoy stronger relationships and you’ll be able to overcome the feelings of isolation and fatigue that all too often accompany hearing loss. People with a Very Quiet Lifestyle will benefit from Essential Technology or higher.

What’s the first step? Make an appointment with one of our Doctors of Audiology! Our relationship with you is defined by the value we create in your life — and value can only be delivered through results. That’s what we strive for: exceptional results. It’s a goal we can meet together.