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AGX Technology Options

There are a variety of options available when choosing the right hearing system for you. Significant advancements are being made all the time and modern hearing devices are sleek and flexible, with technology options to match varying degrees of hearing loss and communication needs.

AGX 9 Superior Technology

AGX 9 devices are the most state-of-the-art technology designed for those people with Active Listening Lifestyles who are frequently in the presence of background noise, or for those who simply want the best. This technology comes in the widest variety of hearing aid sizes and designs, including invisible technology options, to suit your hearing and lifestyle requirements. They are also most appropriate for people with unique, more difficult hearing loss configurations. These devices have the highest level of speech and noise processing circuitry available on the market today, allowing the audiologist the most flexibility to precisely fine tune the settings to the individual hearing loss and lifestyle needs. The listener is able to focus on conversations at work or in social environments with the least amount of effort, allowing them to understand the things that matter most.

AGX 7 Premium Technology

Advanced sound processing is necessary to handle a variety of listening situations, and one that can be custom fit to your hearing loss needs. Advanced technology features are designed to help you cut through moderate background noise allowing you to hear the sounds most important to you. This technology will allow you to focus more easily on the voices you want to hear and fully participate in all the moments of your life. We want you to be spontaneous without having to think about your hearing.

Advanced technology comes in a variety of fitting styles, including Invisible-in-the-Canal options, to suit your hearing and lifestyle needs. Stay on top of your communications at work, at home, and at dinner with your friends. Together with an Eastside Audiology Doctor of Audiology, we can tailor a hearing solution to your life so you don’t miss a beat.

AGX 5 Advanced Technology

Advanced technology is designed for those who live a fairly Quiet Lifestyle who are occasionally in difficult listening environments. While in limited background noise, make the most of your time with your friends and loved ones by enjoying the confidence of clear and comfortable communication.

AGX 3 Essential Technology

Essential Technology is available in most styles and is designed for those who live a Very Quiet Lifestyle with limited exposure to background noise. By helping you communicate more clearly with your family and loved ones, you’ll enjoy stronger relationships — both at home and in your community — and you’ll be able to overcome the feelings of isolation and fatigue that all too often accompany hearing loss

Get more out of your sound experience by meeting with one of Eastside Audiology’s Doctors of Audiology to learn how today’s hearing technology can best help you. We will be here for you every step of the way — from precisely diagnosing and assessing your hearing loss and lifestyle to fitting and adjusting your hearing technology to meet your changing needs.

Backed by the strongest service program in the hearing care industry, you can rest assured that your hearing technology will provide dependable communication assistance and continue to meet your unique hearing needs for years to come.

Ask an Eastside Audiology Doctor of Audiology how the latest hearing technology can help you stay more engaged with your life and your relationships than you have been in years.